Belaruskali to go IPO

A minority stake in Belaruskali will be offered in foreign stock exchanges, First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko told reporters.

According to him, this will be a small stake of 10-15%. “I have instructed to place a minority stake in one of the stock exchange. Here I am talking about IPO," he said.

Vladimir Semashko added that Belarus has virtually no experience in this department. So there is a need to find someone who would provide services in this area. “Our first IPO experience will be with BelAZ,” he said and added that preparation for IPO is a lengthy process and can take up to 1,5-2 years.

Vladimir Semashko also noted that Belaruskali is valued at no less than $30 billion. “This is an absolutely true market value, and it will be growing. If someone has that kind of money, we are ready for partnership,” he stressed.

Vladimir Semashko added that an IPO does not mean that the Belaruskali stake will be necessarily sold. These will be our first steps in this area, summed up Vladimir Semashko.

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