Directive No 4 creates favorable conditions for business

Directive No 4 “On the Development of Entrepreneurship Initiative and Stimulating Business Activity in the Republic of Belarus” is aimed at developing more favorable conditions for business activity, told director of the Brest Oblast Small Business Support Center Vladimir Mazalov.

“The directive is quite promising, it covers almost all the areas of activity: taxation, labor safety, banking and information relations. The directive contains nine sections, with each focused on eliminating a series of difficulties for business activity,” Vladimir Mazalov said.

In his words, all the novelties are essential for entry-level businessmen. “When a person decides to become a businessman, he is unable at first to be accurate in every detail, including in the documents concerning labor safety, personnel and bookkeeping. The directive streamlines small business support in the part of efficient legal, organizational assistance to businessmen,” the specialist noted.

“Today the state is revising its attitude towards entrepreneurship, private business which role in the country’s economy becomes more and more important. The document aims to advance the private sector of the economy. All the novelties that are to be introduced will simplify procedures for small business activity, minimize possible flaws. The directive will help make the entrepreneurship a civilized segment of the national economy,” Vladimir Mazalov stated.

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