Eco Clean Energy to build waste recycling plant in Minsk

Eco Clean Energy (Czech Republic) is set to build a waste recycling facility with plasma reactor in Minsk. Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko and chairman of the supervisory board of the Czech company Vaclav Aubrecht signed the relevant investment agreement at the Minsk City Hall on 16 March. 

The capacity of the plant will be about 65,000-90,000 MW/hour. The plant is expected to process 50,000-60,000 tonnes of rubbish a year. The facility is supposed to be set up in the Trostenets field. The plant is planned to be commissioned in December 2013.

As Vaclav Aubrecht said, the plasma reactor helps to avoid discharges in the air while waste processing. The wastes are reprocessed into biofuel, which is applied in power engineering and heating. The waste products may be applied in the construction industry. If the project turns out a success, the Czech company is ready to extend its cooperation with the Minsk City Hall.

“It is only the first step in our cooperation. I hope it will be successful, and we will build a series of similar plants in Minsk in the long run,” Vaclav Aubrecht said.

The Minsk City Halls also views this project as profitable as waste recycling is a topical issue for the Belarusian capital. Nikolai Ladutko ordered to implement the project in short terms.

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