Enertrag pledges to implement windmill project in Belarus in full

Enertrag AG intends to implement the project for the construction of a 160 MW windmill in Belarus in full volume. The investment will approximately total €360 million.

Despite the concerns of the Defense Ministry of Belarus regarding the initial windmill site in Dzerzhinsk District, the company intends to implement the project in full. He added that cases when energy companies have to adjust the geography of wind projects due to the proximity to radars are not uncommon abroad too. Germany is not an exception. The impact of wind farms on military equipment is to be reckoned with. When it comes to national security, even economy fades into the background. 

“Currently the company and Belarusian partners, Minsk Oblast Executive Committee are considering the alternative venues for the wind farm. We intend to take into account the views of various parties, both the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Energy Ministry. The company seeks to ensure that all issues get an optimal solution, in collaboration with all stakeholders involved, and in a prompt manner, because every day of delay leads to loss of money and time,” Jurgen Schenk said. 

Talking about the deadline for implementing the project, Enertrag AG consultant said that it will be shifted. The deadline will be finalized after the company gets a land plot and evaluates the amount of preparatory work that has to be done.

The windmill with the designed capacity of 160MW will be the largest in Belarus. The windmill was to be built in the village of Volma, Dzerzhinsk District. “The successful implementation of the investment project will help Belarus attract foreign partners for other projects and will be a testimony to a business-friendly environment in the country,” he said. Another factor that could encourage investors to put money into the Belarusian alternative energy is cost effective tariffs. Safeguards are also important for investors, so is the situation on the currency market. But the most important thing, the expert believes, is that Belarus provides a perfect ground for implementing all kinds of ideas. “All the industries of the country are open to investments and companies have a chance to occupy a good niche in the market and become industry leaders leaving behind their competitors,” Enertrag AG consultant believes.

According to www.belta.by