Finland invests 5m EURO in FEZ Grodnoinvest

A group of Finnish companies is investing in the construction of three new companies in the Grodnoinvest free economic zone (FEZ Grodnoinvest), said Deputy Head of the FEZ Administration Dmitry Rozhkov.

The total investment will make up €5 million.

Metalliset Grodno was the first to represent Finland in the free economic zone. It was registered as a FEZ resident by the Finnish Metalliset Group. The second company with the Finnish capital, Makron Grodno, was registered in Grodnoinvest several days ago. Very soon the group of Finnish companies that has five plants in Europe is set to register the third company in Grodno Oblast.

New resident companies will be export-oriented in the engineering and metal-working industries. The companies will produce steelwork and details, industrial equipment for international companies. Every company will employ 50-80 staff.

According to Dmitry Rozhkov, this year the FEZ administration and residents have paid a business visit to Finland, held talks with businessmen, discussed joint investment projects and ways to attract foreign investment in the economy of Grodno Oblast.

FEZ Grodnoinvest includes 51 companies that employ nearly 11,400 professionals. The free economic zone provided 375 jobs in 2010.

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