First Belarusian IR forum will be held on 25 February in Minsk

The event is aimed at increasing investment attractiveness of the Belarusian enterprises.“The world’s leading international consultants and investors interested in investing in the Belarusian economy will share their experience and give recommendations to improve the investment attractiveness of the Belarusian companies", - the experts said. 

German and Austrian businessmen, representatives of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Vienna Stock Exchange, as well as experts from international consulting companies, investment funds operating in Belarus or intending to invest in the Belarusian economy are invited to participate in the forum. Among Belarusian participants of the event will be the heads and key specialists of the enterprises of Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Architecture and Construction, representatives of “Belneftekhim” and “Belbiopharm” and of other ministries and departments. 

Delegates will discuss the financial, legal and organizational aspects of the formation of the attractive company and the mechanisms for implementing best practices and the presentation of information to investors at the Belarusian enterprises. Topics for the discussion will include the following: "What is the attractive business?", "How to increase the value of the company to foreign investors?", "What are the disclosure requirements imposed by international investors and stock exchanges?".

Some examples of effective company preparations to attract investment will also be described at the forum, together with investors’ opinions and experience of consultants, who has attracted financing for projects of enterprises from various sectors of Russian economy.

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