Global textile brands keen on joint projects with Belarus

Global textile brands are interested in joint projects with Belarus, the chairman of the Belarusian light industry concern Bellegprom Gennady Vyrko told reporters on 9 August.

“The big textile companies are eyeing the Belarusian market,” Gennady Vyrko said. He also noted that Bellegprom is currently discussing partnership opportunities with several potential investors. “The talks on redeployment of three plants are underway. We are discussing the possibility to relocate a plant from Bursa to Baranovichi cotton factory. MAGATEX is in talks with Pakistan to move a bed linen factory from Finland,” Gennady Vyrko said. Moreover, there are plans to relocate a weaving mill from Belgium. According to Gennady Vyrko, foreign companies are interested in the Belarusian light industry. At the same time local manufacturers have been tasked to focus on flax fiber processing and ways to ramp up production.

Gennady Vyrko added that Chinese companies are also keen on cooperation with Belarus. However, Turkish companies offer the best conditions of partnership.

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