IBRD to allocate $125m to Belarus for energy efficiency projects in 2009-2014

In 2009-2014 the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) will provide Belarus with $125 million in credit facilities for energy efficiency projects. Six facilities will be upgraded within the framework of these projects, the deputy chairman of the State Committee for Standardization of Belarus - the director of the Energy Efficiency Department Leonid Shenets said at the plenary session of the Belarusian Industrial Forum.

Leonid Shenets noted a number of projects implemented in Belarus with financial assistance from the IBRD. These include a project for the rehabilitation of the Chernobyl-affected areas (additional loan) which will be implemented in 2011-2013. A total of $30 million of credit facilities will be allocated for this project, 92 facilities will be upgraded. Some $50 million was allocated for the reconstruction of 370 facilities under another Chernobyl project carried out in 2007-2011. Two projects to upgrade social infrastructure in Belarus were successfully completed. The total volume of credit resources to implement them amounted to $37.6 million. Some 864 facilities were revamped.

Cooperation with the UN Development Program/GEF has been successful too. These are projects to use biomass for heating and hot water supply in Belarus (2003-2008), eliminate the barriers to energy efficiency of public sector enterprises (2007-2011). This year new projects designed to run until 2015 have been launched. They are aimed to improve energy efficiency in residential buildings, develop wind energy in Belarus.

Belarus also cooperates with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Austrian Energy Agency and the German Energy Agency (DENA).

According to www.belta.by