Implementation of tax-free system is to increase the number of tourists in Belarus

According to the representatives of the Ministry of Trade, the implementation of system of returning the value added tax (tax-free) on the goods acquired by foreign citizens will increase the number of tourists visiting Belarus, retail turnover, foreign currency inflows and contribute to a better image of the state.

It was the Ministry of Trade that has initiated the implementation of tax-free system and in the near future in is planning to submit this proposal for the consideration of the government. National bank, Ministry of Sports and Tourism, State Customs Committee, Executive Committee of Minsk and Executive Committees of all the regions have already expressed their support of the implementation of tax-free system. Currently, more than 300,000 shops in over 30 countries offer the tax-free service to foreign tourists.

The taxes will be returned on the grounds of special forms (cheques) which the tourists will get together with the receipts.

To have his or her money returned, the purchaser should be a permanent resident of other country, the total value of the goods bought should be more than some minimum level (e.g. not less than 50 Euro a day) and these goods should not be acquired with commercial aims.

The goods should be removed from the country during determined period of time (e.g, 3 months). Under one cheque some money may be paid in cash (the limits are also to be set) and the rest of the sum will be returned cashless.

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