India ready to invest in Belarus’ pharmaceutical industry

Indian investors are ready to finance the construction of several pharmaceutical manufactures in Belarus, announced academician of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor Sergei Usanov.

In his words, the National Academy of Sciences is currently in talks with foreign companies on their possible participation in the construction of pharmaceutical companies in Belarus. “Certain progress has already been made. Initial agreements have been reached with large Indian companies that are ready to fund the construction of some supermodern companies in Belarus. We have been offered not only investment but also distribution networks for our products,” Sergei Usanov said.

Belarusian scientists also pin great hopes on a joint project with their Cuban colleagues. “We are set to develop so-called target resources necessary for oncology. They have never been produced in Belarus before, although they are widely applied for treatment of breast and other forms of cancer,” the scientist said.

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