Innovation Week ‘a success’ for Belarus

Belarus has signed a number of agreements with foreign companies in energy, petrochemistry and healthcare at the Innovation Week which is taking place in the country on 15-18 November, Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus Igor Voitov told a press conference on 17 November.

The Belarusian Innovation Week welcomed representatives of the Russian and Belarusian press as part of a media tour. 

“The Innovation Week is still ongoing, but the Republic of Belarus has already been able to conclude a number of protocols and agreements with sci-tech and industrial foreign companies,” Igor Voitov said.

Thus, Belarus has signed a protocol on joint production of equipment for the electrical energy industry with a Polish-German corporation. A set of contracts have been concluded in the petrochemical industry. Belarus and Venezuela agreed to jointly produce bio-fertilizers.

An agreement has been signed with Ukraine and Russia to launch a project related to the systems of logistics and microelectronics. Swiss Leica Geosystems is ready for a joint research with Belarus and the use of ground movement monitoring technologies in field development.

Danish C.C.Jensen A/S has agreed to develop cooperation in implementation of new commercial oil filtration technologies. The Danish company will also consider the possibility of manufacturing high-technology products (commercial oil fine filters) in Belarus for further sales including to the EU and the CIS.

Belarus has concluded an agreement with a Lithuanian company to produce phototherapy and ultrasound investigation equipment. 

An agreement has been signed to set up a consortium with the Russian Federation in the magnetic nanomedicine sector. “This project will be implemented in the near future,” Igor Voitov said.

Besides, one more agreement has been concluded between Belarusian and Russian companies to set up an international center of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in cooperation with the Russian Fund Skolkovo. 

The CIS Interstate Council met as part of the Innovation Week to discuss the sci-tech and innovation policies. “We have agreed on the mechanism to implement the program signed in St. Petersburg in October 2011 and prepare the first 15 projects for joint financing,” the official said.

Belarus has also signed an agreement with the Czech Republic as well as with an array of high-technology companies and universities to develop sci-tech cooperation.

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