Internet casinos may be set up in Belarus

Legal regulation and introduction of new technologies in the area of gambling business with regard to the organization of gambling in the Internet will be considered at the final stage of the execution of the gambling business development concept in Belarus. Relevant proposals will be submitted to the Council of Ministers, reads the gambling business development concept that has been approved by government resolution No. 31 of 12 January 2011.

Virtual casinos broadcast the imagery of real tables and use the Internet to invite foreign citizens to place bets. At present only Malta and Italy have regulations on the organization of Internet-powered gambling. France is preparing the relevant documents. In other countries online gambling is illegal or is not regulated by the law.

Authors of the gambling business development concept believe that online gambling can drastically increase the capacity of the gambling market. The turnover of Malta-based companies that provide online gambling services stands at €8 billion per annum.

The gambling business development concept is meant to bring gambling business into compliance with international standards, in particular, by attracting foreign investments to Belarus. It is supposed to introduce modern gambling technologies and control instruments. It will establish government control over the turnover of money in the gambling industry and will protect citizens from negative consequences of gambling.

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