Lithuanian businessmen to finance Belarus' renewable energy projects

Lithuanian businessmen are ready to invest in Belarus' renewable energy projects, Bronislovas Lubys, President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, told reporters on 27 June.

Bronislovas Lubys noted that Lithuanian and Belarusian specialists discuss a joint project to manufacture wood pellets and fuel bricks from straw. Many countries have already launched this type of production. Lithuanian businessmen are interested in this area as well.

Moreover, Lithuania is interested in promoting cooperation with Belarus in freight transit. “Our objective is to increase the transshipment of Belarusian cargos in the Klaipeda port,” Bronislovas Lubys said. According to him, Lithuanian businessmen are also eager to partake in the privatization of Belarusian companies.

Bronislovas Lubys is convinced that the Parliament of Lithuania will ratify a border cooperation agreement with Belarus in autumn. It will give an impetus to the development of cooperation between the two countries.

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists unites about 2,700 companies. The confederation operates most Lithuanian production enterprises, banks, trading companies, representative offices of foreign firms, research institutes, and educational establishments.

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