Major European company ready to build tire recycling plant in Belarus

Major European company Balkan Advisory Company is ready to build a plant in Belarus to process old tires, announced the press service of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus.

Conditions of the project were discussed at a recent meeting of representatives of Balkan Advisory Company and Igor Voitov, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology.

The technology the tire recycling plant will use has been designed by German and Romanian specialists. It uses thermolysis to break old tires into gaseous components, which are then treated by plasma to finalize the breakdown of heavy gaseous compounds.

The method meets the strictest standards of the European Union. The facility in Belarus will be the third one after facilities in Greece and Romania.

The profitability of the future enterprise is estimated at 80-100%. At present the Belarusian company Belresursy accumulates a large number of used tires. Around 10,000 tonnes of them is burned at Belarusian cement mills, with the rest sold to Russia.

The project is interesting to Belarus from the point of view of ecology and the export of products. Reclaimed compounded rubber enjoys solid demand in Europe, said the source. The State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus will have to determine the form of ownership of the new enterprise. There are two variants under consideration – 100% foreign investments with a long-term contract for the supply of raw materials and a joint venture.

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