Major Israeli investor ready to partake in Belarus’ agribusiness projects

Rafael Eitan, a major Israeli businessman, a co-owner of the Israeli company Reesimex and the Cuban company Grupo Bm, is ready to take part in agribusiness projects in Belarus. Rafael Eitan made the relevant statement for mass media before he met with Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich on 13 April.

The businessman said that Belarus has a suitable climate for dairy farming. The country also has all the opportunities for providing cows with proprietary fodder. Belarus can successfully compete with other countries in dairy farming, he said. The country is located in the center of Europe and this is why the market can be both in the east and the west. Rafael Eitan believes that Belarus’ dairy farming has great prospects. Taking into account growing labor costs agribusiness is leaving such countries like France, the UK, and Germany. “I am convinced that Belarus can be successful in agribusiness and I am ready to help,” said the businessman. He remarked that his company implements agribusiness projects not only in Israel but also America, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

He also pointed out that the Belarusian town of Rechitsa is his birthplace. “When I was in Rechitsa, I met with the mayor and asked what I could do. I found out that Rechitsa can be a leader in dairy farming,” said the businessman.

Rafael Eitan is one of the most influential Israeli businessmen and politicians. He has considerable experience of implementing investment and technology projects abroad.

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