Minsk Oblast eager to cooperate with Poland

Minsk Oblast is interested in cooperating with Poland in vegetable processing and fish farming, said Minsk Oblast Governor Boris Batura as he met with Polish journalists.

Boris Batura said that Polish companies now vigorously make investments in the economy of Minsk Oblast. Joint ventures are being set up, foreign-owned companies with a share of Polish capital, including those that specialize in manufacturing pellets, juices, grain drying facilities and in horticulture.

A joint venture with a share of German and Polish capital will be set up in Minsk Oblast to assemble potato harvesters. An investment agreement has been signed with the Lower Silesia Economic Cooperation Agency to build a trade and logistics center. The construction is supposed to start this year. The facility will be commissioned in 2013. The project is estimated to cost about €40 million.

“We are interested in the presence of Polish companies in vegetable processing, fruit production and fish farming. The possibility of setting up a trout farm with participation of the Polish side is being worked out. You have experience in these areas,” said Boris Batura.

Minsk Oblast sees great prospects for cooperation in tourism industry. There are many interesting samples of architecture in the oblast, the town of Nesvizh, the resort town of Naroch. A program to develop lands around Lake Naroch has been adopted. Farm tourism is on the rise. There are places worth visiting in Poland, too. Organizing sightseeing tours may be profitable.

In 2010 the trade turnover between Minsk Oblast and Poland amounted to $283.6 million, export rose by 78.3% to $176.8 million. Poland generally bought mineral fertilizers ($137.7 million, 170% up on the year), casein, casein derivatives, casein glues (21.3% down to $9.3 million), vaseline, paraffin (120% up to $8.1 million). All in all, more than 90 commodities were supplied by 67 municipal enterprises and enterprises without departmental affiliation. In January 2011 Minsk Oblast exported $17.3 million worth of commodities and imported $8.6 million worth of commodities.

Minsk Oblast’s top exporters to Poland are the Molodechno dairy factory ($3 million), the Kopyl butter and cheese factory ($2.6 million), the Slutsk cheese factory ($2.4 million), Coswik company ($0.8 million). pork, plasters, pastes, primer paints, coatings, apples, pears, quinces were imported.

According to www.belta.by