More efforts to attract investments to Belarus

More efforts will be put into improving the investment climate and the investment attractiveness of Belarus. The topic was discussed at a regular session of the workgroup tasked with forming a favorable investment image of the country abroad on 30 March.

Members of the workgroup considered the Foreign Ministry’s proposals relating to modernizing the Belarusian websites, which are designed to attract investments to Belarus. Matters relating to the analysis of the elements able to negatively affect the investment climate and the investment attractiveness of Belarus were discussed. An agreement was reached to put efforts into fixing them gradually.

The session approved this year’s operation plan of the workgroup. The next event is supposed to take place in June 2011.

The Foreign Investment Advisory Council was set up in 2001 in line with Council of Ministers resolution No 1795 of 12 December 2001. The agency is supposed to improve the effectiveness of attracting foreign investments into the national economy, to ensure the pursuance of a consistent state policy in this field.

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