Over 800 dairies to be built in Belarus in 2011-2015

Belarus plans to build 875 dairies and implement upgrade projects at more than 1350 national dairies in 2011-2015. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko held at a meeting dedicated to the government’s report on the results of the rural development program in 2005-2010 and the state program for 2011-2015 on 22 March. 

The state rural development program for 2011-2015 is meant for creating necessary conditions for the priority social and economic development of the rural areas and enhancing the efficiency of the agro-industrial complex. This is a comprehensive program that includes 18 different subprograms. Production growth in all agricultural companies is projected at the level of 39-45% in 2011-2015.

According to Belarus Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich, dairy products will make up 70% of the total agricultural export by 2015. The country sets forth ambitious goals: to construct 875 and reconstruct over 1350 dairies by 2015. This move alongside with the production growth and an increase in livestock will bring milk production to the mark of over 10.5 million tonnes per year. Gross dairy output is to increase by 15% in 2011. In January-February 2011 the growth made up 5.5% over the same months in 2010.

Farms will milking equipment will account for 90% of the total by 2015, Mikhail Myasnikovich added.

Accoding to www.belta.by