Russian investors to build logistics terminal in Verkhnedvinsk District

Russian investors have plans to construct a logistics terminal in Verkhnedvinsk District, on the border between Belarus and Latvia,  announced Deputy Vitebsk Oblast Governor Oleg Matskevich.

The creation of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia and the upcoming redeployment of customs control to the external border of the Customs Union by 1 July 2011 will make Grigorovshchina (Verkhnedvinsk District) an important checkpoint on the border between the EU and the Customs Union. This is why some Russian companies have expressed their interest in setting up a logistics terminal there.

Oleg Matskevich said that the project will be implemented by the Russian company that had already constructed a similar terminal in Pskov Oblast of Russia, on the border with Latvia. The company plans to develop engineering infrastructure of the checkpoint and construct premises for customs services and temporary storage warehouses. In line with preliminary estimates, the project requires about $10-12 million of investments. The company has already decided on the future terminal site, the project is being finalized.

The terminal will increase the transport traffic through Verkhnedvinsk District and that, in turn, will boost the region’s economy.

The Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee is now in talks with Russian businessmen over the creation of a logistics center at the Vitebsk airport. The cost of the project is about $50 million.

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