Share of high-tech products in Belarus’ exports to rise six times in five years

The share of high-tech products in Belarus’ exports is expected to increase six times at the minimum in the current five-year period, Economy Minister of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov told reporters on 31 March.

“By 2015 we plan to approach $12-13 billion. We view this as a major instrument to rectify the misbalance of the foreign trade,” Nikolai Snopkov said. In his words, the major criteria for choosing investment projects will be their efficiency. 

Nikolai Snopkov noted that the reduction of imports is among major goals of the real sector of the economy as it will enhance the competitiveness of products. 

One dollar invested in the technical upgrade produced $1.9 worth of products in 2010. “This trend is encouraging and we should keep it up,” Nikolai Snopkov said. The necessary pre-conditions are being created, the government is developing incentives to boost production and export of products.

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