State share in Belarusian MTS up for sale

The state share in the Belarusian mobile company MTS will be available at an international tender, Vice Premier of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin told media on 8 April.

Speaking about plans to sell the state share in the Belarusian cellular communication provider MTS, the Vice Premier remarked that the package will be made available at an international tender.

Anatoly Kalinin reminded that the Russian company MTS had already offered to buy the controlling interest in the Belarusian company MTS. “Negotiations were held but we failed to agree the price,” he said.

The Vice Premier explained that the Russian company suggested paying for only part of the package and pay the rest depending on the rating of the Belarusian mobile company on the global market. However, the Belarusian side insisted that the entire package should be paid for.

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