International Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum, REF-2012 Moscow


The company EnterInvest took part in the International Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum, REF-2012 Moscow, held in Moscow on 5-6 June 2012. Forum was one of the main business platforms dedicated to the construction of sustainable energy in Russia and CIS. The conference was organized on 5-6 June 2012 at the Savoy by the project managers of REF-2012 Moscow and CEO IBCentre of the Russian Federation. The forum was organized with the support of the State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation and in collaboration with major alternative energy sources associations such as Association of alternative fuel and energy market participants of Ukraine, Russian Association of Solar Energy, Russian Energy Agency, Renewable Energy, Bulgarian PV organization.


Large pecuniary institutions, top-managers of leading companies in the industry, investors, representatives of international organizations and government agencies were the main participants of the conference. The participants discussed the prospects of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency in Russian and CIS countries’ manufacturing industry, government policies aimed the development projects promotion. The issue concerning Russia and other CIS countries’ investment attractiveness regarding large-scale projects executionin the development of effective wind and solar, biogas and biofuels, small hydro and geothermal energy use were discussed.


EnterInvest along with the IFC (International Finance Corporation) and Gazprombank took part in a session devoted to assessing the renewable energy sector of CIS as it could be seen from investors side. Andrei Matsiavin, chief investment officer in Pure Energy Intelligence ltd., (subsidiary EnterInvest), did at a conference a presentation on renewable energy projects in Belarus. In particular, he provided an overview of the energy market of Belarus, the legislation governing the sector of renewable energy, and the estimation of thevarious renewable energy sources in Belarus investment potential.


Pure Energy Intelligence is a Belarusian-Irish company, founded by the Belarusian investment advisory group EnterInvest and Irish investment company Altostrata.Pure Energy Intelligence focuses on the development of projects in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Belarus.

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