The company EnterInvest will sponsor the meeting "New Media - New Rules"


Cultural portal KY (http :// ) on 10 June with the assistance of EnterInvest hold a unique meeting "New media - new rules". Representatives of the well-known online CIS resources will share their expertise in the field of online media, and they are also going to share their views and thoughts on the prospects of Belarusian online media and the blogosphere during the round table.

Managing Director of Investment Banking, Daniel Krutzinna commented EnterInvest’s interest in sponsorship of this event: "We believe that it is important to participate in the development of Belarusian culture and new formats business, where the modern media can be related. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter-newbies who could outstrip the tworld's oldest corporation by capitalization in a decade. We believe that there are opportunities to create innovative business models capable of altering the existing landscape of the corporate world in Belarus.
The meeting will include  the representatives of the leading on-line projects in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus speech:
• Alex Ametov, CEO of LOOK AT ME (Russia) "How the media on the Internet is to be done and how to compete for advertising budgets";
• Vladimir Medushivsky (David), marketing director of Livejournal (Ukraine) "Publishing House. Blog. Money";
• Alexander Stelmach, CEO of ONLINER (Belarus) "Local Belarusian content"
The meeting will be held June 10 from 16:00 to 19:30 in the conference hall of Hotel Royal Crown Plaza (Kirovаstr., 13).
According to the materials of the cultural magazine