Key Takeaways of Global Entrepreneurship Week together with EnterInvest


The Global Entrepreneurship Week took place in Minsk on November 18-21. It is an international project that is held annually and aimed at identifying and discussing major local business concerns. EnterInvest team took an active part in the first day of the project – the Corporation Day. In course of business forum such hot issues were discussed as privatization, valuation and sale of business, M&A transactions, renewable energy investment, marketing system construction and many other things. In course of debates on Alternative energy sources and their efficiency in business application the following topics were discussed: legislative regulation, incentives and preferences, administrative barriers, sources of financing for projects, international best practices, as well as risks and problems in implementation of projects in Belarus.

EnterInvest together with Irish investment company Altostrata Energy owns Pure Energy Intelligence ltd. - energy efficiency and renewable energy project developer.  Owing to its experience in project development within the territory of Belarus EnterInvest, represented by Andrei Matsiavin, Business Development Director of EnterInvest, spoke in the capacity of an investor in the discussion. Vasily Tarasevich (KPMG), Daria Zhuk (Glimstedt) and Andrei Zhishkevich, MTBank chairman of board, also took part in the panel discussion.

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You can get acquainted with EnterInvest presentation here.

Oleg Andreyev, Managing Director of Investment Banking at EnterInvest acted as a speaker in the discussion: Business Valuation. Sale and Purchase of Business.
Other participants of the discussion were: Alexander Knyrovich (Business angels and venture investors network "BAVIN"), Maximas Savilevas (Raidla Legins Norcous) and Vasily Tarasevich (KPMG in Belarus).


Oleg Andreyev noted that it is quite essential for the eventual success of the deal that both a seller and a buyer conduct the assessment of the business to be sold due to their adverse interests. The buyer is always eager to pay lower price while the seller aspires to maximize the price. Therefore there are different preferences in assessment. The buyers as a rule employ DCF method, without almost any notice to previously made investments into the project (business), with not unreasonable belief that these investments might have been inefficient. The buyer at the same time tries to add to the cost of the business all the expenses incurred often without any notice to real profitability of the business.

In case the assessments made by the two sides are too split, than it is possible to engage an independent third-party appraiser, whose opinion both parties will rely on.
Oleg also made a note of a consultant’s role that, relying on his own experience, has an opportunity to influence the opinion of either a seller or a buyer in case their expectations are at variance with the market situation.

In course of the debates the importance of the due diligence in M&A transaction process was discussed. Oleg Andreyev mentioned the important role of the procedure which can help to detect all the “skeletons in the closet” because during the due diligence procedure almost all the aspects of the business are studied: financial, legal and technical.
«There were several cases when the buyer had not paid proper attention to due diligence procedure and after the deal was completed and money paid, he suffered colossal losses when undetected debt burden, pledged property or losing contract was found”.

Oleg Chanov, EnterInvest partner, gave a seminar on Strategic marketing, Global best practices.

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The seminar pursued the following objectives:

to learn how to make prospectivity assessment of products, projects and business lines on the strategic level.
• to learn how to take decisions whether to enter a new market or to launch a new project.

The participants of the seminar had an opportunity to learn how to use Porter’s 5 Forces model as an instrument of Strategic Marketing the way it is understood in Western companies; how to process and analyze the available data and make decisions based on the findings of the analysis in the context of information deficit; get an insight into an approach to strategic assessment of projects and business- streams.

In case you did not have an opportunity to take part in the Corporation Day and want to ask some questions please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +375 17 266 95 04.