DTZ is going to draw “strong tenants” in Belorussian real estate properties.


At the end of February DTZ – a world leading company rendering real estate services—entered Belorussian market.  EnterInvest, for the purpose of the partnership agreement, will represent DTZ interests in the country.

In the same manner as all over the globe DTZ plans to provide owners and investors in Belarus with comprehensive real estate solutions, including lease intermediation and brokerage services, integrated real estate and facilities management, access to international capital market, investment and assets management, cost estimating, construction consultancy  and project management.

According to the head of Latvian DTZ, Andris Urshans, the entry into Belorussian market enables the company to use the accumulated experience and expertise of EnterInvest both in real estate and financing attraction and structuring.

- We also expect DTZ and EnterInvest partnership to offer new opportunities for Belorussian private investors willing to invest in Baltic residential and commercial real estate. Nowadays Baltic real estate market is about to recover and gives an opportunity to make investments in relatively low risk assets. It is of particular relevance to the Belarusians due to the fact that it will provide them with a 5 year temporary residence permit and free movement within the Schengen area. - said Andris Urshans.

Oleg Andreyev, the head of EnterInvest Investment Banking Department - DTZ partner in Belarus, believes that the partnership with DTZ will enable local investors and developers to use international contacts and draw new “strong” tenants first of all in retail properties. This will make projects more sustainable for banks and investors and allow differentiating from already completed projects. 

Currently DTZ works on the projects of several large downtowns with a total area of more than 5 million m2, among which is new part of La Défense in Paris, new European quarter in Brussels and King Abdullah Financial District in Saudi Arabia. In 2012 the company was entrusted to develop International downtown “Kiev-City”.

In 208 DTZ offices, located in 52 countries, 47,000 employees work.