Oleg Chanov, EnterInvest partner, took part in the conference on HR in IT


Oleg Chanov, Managing partner of EnterInvest consulting company, took part in the second session of the conference dedicated to HR in IT, which took place in Minsk on December, 13.  The topic of the speech was called “Reflections” dedicated to organizational culture, executive role and comfort of employees in the company”.

Main issues that were discussed during the speech were the following:
•Types of organizational cultures
•Transformation of an employee in different cultures through the lenses of first hand
•The Values of Belarus Citizens’ Survey by Schwatz methodology results
• Organizational culture support through artifacts or «Symbolic Management»

Having discussed four types of organizational culture by Cameron-Quinn classification, Oleg Chanov showed major advantages and disadvantages of each culture on the example of Belarusian companies, as well as shared his own perception and work experience in each.


«I find it comfortable to work in such organizational cultures as “Market”, where I have been working for 11 years, and “Adhocracy”, which exists in our company, EnterInvest. “Market” implies encouragement for inner competition with emphasis on the urge to win; however it is important not to upset the balance, for the competitiveness should not find the way into interpersonal relations. “Adhocracy” in its turn presupposes that employees’ personal initiative and freedom as well as innovations and experimentalism are encouraged», – noted Chanov.

The choice and implementation of organizational culture depends on a manager: «It’s all up to the leader of the company», - this is the key idea of Oleg Chanov’s «Reflections», which could be traced throughout his speech.

The results of the poll dedicated to study of Belarusians’ life values by Swartz methodology were also discussed. «Values are things that people are driven by in their lives. They have a great influence on people’s behavior» - these are values of the manager and his employees that shape organizational culture of the company.

The poll has found that the most important values for Belarusians are security and conformity. It was also noted that when building organizational culture it is important for managers to consider what they can do and how the employees would communicate with clients and with each other. The way leaders behave from day to day is the way employees would behave.

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