Belarusian IT industry


  • Belarus takes the 55th place in “The Global Rating of Development of Information Technologies and Telecommunication” and the 27th place in the rating of availability of ICT services according to The International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

  • Belarus holds one of the leading positions in the world on earnings from export of IT services per capita - 35$ together with Czech Republic and India (according to the Forbes).

  • The main advantages of Belarus in the sphere of IT:

     - Availability of high-quality and highly educated but comparatively cheap workforce.
     - Creation and development of Belarus High Technologies Park (HTP)
     - Existence of serious legislative support in IT sphere.

  • In 2008 Belarus received almost 350 millions of dollars from the export of services in the sphere of offshore IT business.

  • IBA Group, software-development company with headquarters in the Czech Republic took 1st place in “Top 10 to Watch in Emerging European Markets—2007”

  • In 2010 residents of Belarus High Technologies Park EPAM Systems and Itransiition the 4th year running were included in the annual “Global Outsourcing 100” rating.