Chemical & Petrochemical sectors


  • Chemical & petrochemical industry is 17% of total industry output
  • Chemical & petrochemical industry is 25% of total country’s export
  • Belarus export the products of this industry to more than 80 countries in the value of $2,1 billion
  • Belarus takes 58th place in the world for reserves of crude oil. (The explored reserves of crude oil is 198 million barrels)
  • Belarusian oil production amounts to 1,8 million of tons.
  • Belarus takes 39th place in the world for oil & oil products export.
  • OJSC “Naftan” is one of the largest oil processing factories in Europe
  • JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” is one of European largest complex on polyester fibers production
  • Belarusian Potash Company is the world largest producer of potash manures