Forest industry review

The share of forest industry accounts for about 4% of GDP. At the same time the industry has considerable potential for further growth and development primarily due to a stable raw material resource base. Thus, valuable tree species dominate in the total forest plantation in Belarus; moreover, the total forest area is steadily growing and the age structure of plantations significantly improves.

A large proportion of forest industry products is exported. Such situation leads to the fact that the profitability of the industry quite strongly depends on external demand and situation at the foreign exchange market 

The development of forest industry during last few years could be characterized by the active technical modernization of enterprises, creation of import substitution productions in all sectors, as well as creation of new productions, aiming to produce goods with higher added value.

In addition, active creation of wasteless plants and factories for production of local fuels (wood chips, pellets, etc.) are taken place. A significant emphasis is also made on the development of energy-saving productions and productions operating on their own fuel resources.