Renewable energy in Belarus 2010

Belarus belongs to the group of countries without large reserves of energy and  fuel resources, which include oil, natural gas, peat, water and biomass. Own energy resources in Belarus are only 20% of the country’s needs. Therefore, the state faces an urgent need to diversify energy sources. It is important for the country to begin modernization of the energy system and develop the most promising sources of energy as quickly as possible. 

Today, the development of renewable and alternative energy sources is one of the priorities of national development. 25% of electricity and heat energy must be obtained from local fuels and alternative energy sources (according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers № 1593  in 2012).

Foreign investors, as well as government, have particular interest in implementing projects in the sphere of alternative energy in Belarus. So, the average annual growth rate of investment in this area from 2004 to 2009 was 75%, from 7.4 million USD in 2004 to 122.5 million USD in 2009.