Solid wastes recycling


  • Belarus has experienced a steady increase in the volume of municipal waste: the amount of garbage percapita has increased from 0,485 kg to 0,877 kg for the past ten years.
  • About 90% of municipal waste are dumped at landfills of solid municipal waste.
  • Today there is no current large-scale (capacity of 200 tons solid waste per year or more) waste facilities in Belarus.
  • The first plant in Belarus, recycling solid municipal waste and producing of these heat and power, is invested by Swiss company TDF ecotech AG, which intends to invest €110-120 mln.
  • According to sociological studies, most of the population is willing to support the idea of the separate collection of waste.
  • Taking into consider the experience of some Western countries, we can conclude that Belarus is almost new and unaddressed market of processing MSW.
  • Republic of Belarus belongs to the category of countries that do not have significant own fuel and energy resources.Provision of own energy resources is at the level of 15-17% of needs in energy resources.
  • The potential energy contained in the municipal waste generated in the territory of Belarus is equivalent to 470 tons of fuel per year.