Debt restructuring

Amid the macroeconomic instability and uncertainty in the debt capital markets, local companies are increasingly looking for restructuring of and optimizing the existing loan portfolios.

Approach to resolution of the problem frequently directly affects a business survival issue.

EnterInvest’s team has a comprehensive and sufficient experience of work in large local and foreign financial institutions to cope with the problem through developing effective restructuring strategies and establishing proper communication with creditors.

Our experts are ready to do their best to achieve restructuring goals. Our dedicated team will deliver:

  1. Development of financial model of the company;
  2. Analysis of the creditors and bond holders (investors);
  3. Development of restructuring strategy;
  4. Preparation of materials (presentations) to negotiate with creditors and investors;
  5. Coordination & all-round support of the negotiations process with creditors and investors resulting in:
  • Refinancing of debt (replacing the old portfolio to the new one with a lower interest rate and longer term);
  • Securitization of debt or shares-for-debt conversion;
  • Debt rescheduling (rollovers etc.);
  • A more comfortable repayment schedule;
  • Lowering the interest rates on the current loans, the decreasing (or substantial reduction) of penalties;
  • Debt redemption by other creditors or investors, or  assignment of debt;
  • Debt repayment via the partial sale of assets.