Investment Banking

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

EnterInvest provides a full suite of investment banking and advisory services to domestic and international clients. Our professionals have necessary experience and depth of knowledge in local M&A and project finance to advise clients on mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures, buyouts, financings, debt restructurings, infrastructure project finance, and other advisory initiatives. In addition, we remain independent of financing sources, helping to ensure that our efforts are objective and aligned with the goals of clients.

EnterInvest delivers comprehensive M&A advisory services with a particular focus on buying or selling transactions support, mergers/demergers and joint ventures creation.

Investment Banking team of EnterInvest offers to clients profound deal analysis through combining its efforts with the Management Consultancy Department.

Thus, we pay special attention to corporate and marketing strategy of the company, as well as other factors significantly influencing the value of business and investment decisions.

EnterInvest can represent the interests either of business seller (sell-side mandate) or business buyer (buy-side mandate).

Corporate financing

EnterInvest assists companies in development and implementation of optimal financing strategies. Basing on our comprehensive industry experience and extensive network of contacts among private equity funds, large private investors and advisors we help to attract equity financing to business development. Additionally we help to raise debt capital either by using resources of local banks or from the international debt capital markets.

Debt restructuring

Amid the macroeconomic instability and uncertainty in the debt capital markets, local companies are increasingly looking for restructuring of and optimizing the existing loan portfolios.

Approach to resolution of the problem frequently directly affects a business survival issue.

EnterInvest’s team has a comprehensive and sufficient experience of work in large local and foreign financial institutions to cope with the problem through developing effective restructuring strategies and establishing proper communication with creditors.


Currently apprx.75% of the Belarusian GDP is generated by the companies controlled by the State. Privatization processes in Belarus are unavoidable in the mid-term perspective.

We believe that the proper selection of targets for privatization with the subsequent competent integration into the existing business will provide a perfect growth opportunity for the local business and fast entrance opportunity for foreign companies.