Management Consulting


Strategy is a set of actions undertaken by the organization in order to create sustainable competitive advantages. It is a difficult path which consists of large and small decisions taken in a constantly changing business environment. A well- chosen strategy is the foundation of the company’s long-term success.

Companies face different challenges in the process of working out and implementation of strategy. Many of them fail in identifying and understanding the importance and value of strategic planning process. 
Our team unites skills, experience and tools necessary for the development and implementation of business strategies.


Our experience shows that only 1 out of 5 companies can achieve high efficiency indicators that implicate sustainable performance, attaining set objectives, high staff motivation and team focus on implementation of corporate strategy.

EnterInvest assists clients in achieving better financial results, managing changes and building organizational systems aimed at accomplishing the goals of the company. Our international experience, awareness of best practices of industry leaders, and proven analytical tools help us to cope with all the organizational challenges. All our results are based on the facts and figures.

Operations and efficiency

The ever-changing business environment and fierce competition forced companies to be more flexible, agile and effective. Companies have had simultaneously to strengthen their core competencies, find fresh sources of differentiation and resources to implement their plans. 

EnterInvest helps clients find reserves of revenues growth, as well as ways to more stringent cost management.

To find out the sources of performance improvement we actively use benchmarking tools in our practice, by comparing the performance of entire departments and specific business processes of our clients with the results of industry leaders.

Marketing and Sales

The functions of marketing and sales are the front line of the company, which plays a significant role in revenue growth, winning new customers, increasing loyalty of old customers and achieving overall strategic goals of the company. EnterInvest helps clients at different stages of a company or product development, starting from the segmentation of customers and market analysis when entering new markets, optimizing pricing strategies and sales channels and ending by development of go-to-market strategies for new products: